1. Consultation

A team consists of Lead Interior Designer, Space Planner, and Light Designer will visit your site to:

  • Study the space and get an understanding of what your planning to achieve.
  • Show you our latest design materials, mood boards, photorealistic 3D renders of our finished projects.
  • Discuss things about your timeline, likes and dislikes and the budget.


2. Proposal

A design proposal will be mailed to you within 3-4 days, highlighting the following:

  • The Project designs.
  • Planning, designing, and architectural fees.
  • Approximate timeframe to finish the project.
  • The total budget for the project and our previous case studies.


3- Survey

If you approve our proposal, we then revisit the project site and prepare a thorough survey of that space.

  • Take precise measurements of the space that is to be decorated.
  • We then discuss details like branding and design concepts with you.

space planning

4. Space planning

After the survey, we will mail you the details about the interior design within two weeks. That includes:

  • Division of the place.
  • Instructions for the overall design.
  • Arrangements of all movable and fixed seating and tables.
  • Service and customer flow

5. Conceptual Design

Our designers will visit you on site and present the detailed design within 2 – 4 weeks. We will discuss details on:

  • The materials that we are planning to use.
  • Lighting plans.
  • Seating and Furniture plans.
  • Mood boards.
  • Photorealistic 3D rendering of the design.

approval stage

6. Approval stage

Submit applications and plan to local Authorities to get approval for:

  • Planning permission.
  • Building control.
  • Signage consent.


7. Specification

We will mail you the complete design and specifications of the design, fittings, furniture and other equipment that suits your budget, including delivery dates, fitting and contractor costs.


8. Build

Collaborating the contractors

  • Engagement of the main contractor
  • Manage the tradesman
  • Check all the delivery schedules
  • Weekly updates will regularly be mailed.
  • Progress reports documentation.
  • Sign off and hand over the project

Assessment & Analysi

9. Assessment & Analysis

We will be in touch with you even after completing the project. We will visit you discuss your business progressions. Discuss any further alteration and investigate the possibility of future projects.

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