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The restaurant business is a very competitive business these days in Dubai; you can find restaurants in every nook and corner of the city. It takes a considerable effort for you to understand restaurant business and stand out from the rest of your competition. You must be unique and different from others as people always prefer quality and a pleasant ambience. Don’t think that the food alone assures the customers you always wanted as we have seen restaurants that cook world class food but still the customers never walk in. The fact is that the customer only realises the quality of food once he steps into your restaurant and gives us a try, here is where we play a significant role! Our interior design experts help you design your dream restaurant in Dubai with World Class amenities.

Well-Designed dining in restaurants always gives a lasting impact on a customer, which in turn helps in recurring business. All restaurants have their unique presentation style so if you want to attract customers to your restaurant then, consider a makeover, if not the customers will lose interest in visiting your restaurant after sometimes.


How We Work?

Astounding’s chief design director Steve Ward is a perfectionist. Our team at Astounding are profoundly trained and has over 12 yrs of expertise in both residential and hospitality interior designing services. The first thing we do is create some free design concepts that suit your likes and needs. Our restaurant interior designing team always comes up with innovative ideas, which will differentiate your restaurant from others in Dubai. Talk To Us Now for Free Consultation!

In most cases the dining area of restaurants takes almost up to 60% of the total space the remaining space will be allocated for the kitchen, store room, lobby, restroom.. etc. so we will make use of the area cleverly that not a single inch of the space is wasted.

A small restaurant design must aim for less traffic because it is hard to attend to each and everyone at the same time. This can be resolved by eliminating big serving stations, and if the client wants them to be included in the design, then we will make sure that it will be added with intelligent space planning. The best place to put them is in the centre of the restaurant and adjust the pathway so that there will be minimal interference.


Restaurant Fit Out Contractors In Dubai

Not all restaurants in Dubai have the same amount of space so the design we make will be altered and made sure that everything will fit out perfectly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with restaurant layout, this means that layouts always need to be tailored for the restaurant considering the space. We take into account both staff and clients, thinking about the route the food takes from the kitchen to the guests’ table and how it is delivered.

We believe good interior design layout should have at least 20sqr feet per person, but in case of small restaurants, space will be limited. Our interior designers alter and make a concept that makes use of every single space to create stunning restaurants without wasting much space. We design restaurants in such a way that the customers must feel comfortable so that they stay there for a more extended period and it promotes the business.


The main point of setting an interior design in restaurants is to attract customers and make an initial impression on them. We achieve this by adding music and ambient lighting settings on top of the thoughtful design. Thus making a customer stays there at your restaurants for longer by making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

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