Lighting & AV Design

Our lighting and av designers at Astounding Dubai works with world-class light and audio companies to create engaging and immersive designs. Our expert light and av designers can design and install a huge variety of integrated solutions. At Astounding Dubai, we provide our clients with av and lighting for their needs; we offer our Light and Av services for restaurants, bars, hotels, and residential projects. Our speciality is that we use only LED lights that save a lot of energy we also provide video installations that create a huge impact, we also use traditional light and sound systems and mix these with the contemporary lighting, blending them with the architectural design.

At Astounding Dubai we provide Light & AV services like:

1. Lighting Design
2. Audio Design
3. Audio Visual and Immersive LED Video Systems
4. LED Lighting
5. Reclaimed and Retro Lighting
6. CCTV and POS Systems

For all kinds of lighting and av needs contact Astounding

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