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Interior Design Modeling Using CGI And Photorealistic Rendering

As the CGI and photorealistic 3D rendering technology advanced, it easily grow into an inevitable marketing solution; it helps us to create the photorealistic rendering of a project, with the help of this 3D rendering we can convey the idea of what we are planning to the customer. It helps to show interior design to our clients before even start working on it. With the help of this photorealistic rendering, we can manipulate lighting and even the textures of the surfaces thus give the render a truer to life look.

Traditional picture-taking techniques have its limitations; it portraits only a portion of the original scene. But the photorealistic rendering allows us to create a 3D CGI mockup of the original design so that we can show our clients how the interiors will look; With the help of photorealistic rendering technology, we can create a 3D model of the interiors with relative ease.

Photorealistic rendering turns out to be an important piece of technology for the interior designers. By utilizing this advanced rendering technique, our interior designers can create a realistic 3D model that allows us to show our clients how the project will look in real life. Using this 3D rendering technology we can go through every minute details of the project, this also helps to communicate with the client easily by showing the virtual design of the projects with your clients. This helps to shorten the time needed for the interior designing process.

At Astounding Dubai we have a dedicated CGI, and 3D Rendering team works hand to hand with our interior design experts to accelerate the entire design process and thus elevates the work efficiency. This also helps to reduce both the time and money that is to be invested in the project.

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